Carb Free Christine: Inspired by Sugar Free Sheila.

I’ve been blogging for a few months now and I can’t believe I haven’t given a shout out to one of my biggest inspirations, Sugar Free Sheila. I have been following her almost 7 years now and even though she is quite the cyber celebrity she has never failed to reply to any questions and has even checked back in with me to see how my progress has been and to cheer me on. Sheila has to be one of the most beautiful people I have ever met…both inside and out. Our story is so similar…I feel like she is writing about me when she tells her inspirational tale of weight loss and personal success.

Never was I able to lose weight by restricting calories and/or fat grams – even with regular treadmill-walking exercise, which I have done consistently since the age of 10. I had attempted a multitude of programs, each for months at a time; every possible variation of calories under 2,000 with every possible variation of cardio yielded no results for me. I gave SlimFast a shot, as well as the Blood Type Diet (which recommended vegetarian, high-carbohydrate eating for my blood type of A positive), and even tried the vague “everything in moderation”/portion-control method.  None of these programs or techniques took an ounce or an inch off my medium-boned 5’3″ frame (my doctor refers to me as “moderately petite”) – and even with all of my struggling and dedication, I never had anything to show for my stringent efforts. In fact, I was almost envious of the yo-yo dieters … because at least they had a taste of weight loss success to begin with! Having said this, I must illustrate here that motivation has never been something I lacked – I possess drive and ambition in all areas of my life like no one else I know. But up until 2001, I didn’t find what worked for me. As I entered the second decade of my life, I felt that I was doomed to carry around extra weight forever: maybe I was just meant to be this way.

Though I had maintained a weight of approximately 130 & a size 8 (still a bit too heavy for someone so short), I settled at around 140 by 2001. I was suddenly up to a size 10! Well, since I’d discovered through the years that pasta rather bloated me, it suddenly occurred to me to start eliminating it, along with bread with dinner, crackers, and to eat mostly vegetables with the same amount of meat I had always consumed (I’ve never been a big meat eater). By as soon as the very next morning, I immediately felt better & more energetic. I ran out & bought the book, read it from cover to cover, and started Atkins that very night. It must have been a sign from God Himself, because I was a half a pound lighter by the next morning, and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I stepped on the scale. That was over 30 pounds ago! Amazingly enough, I found on Atkins that I actually almost doubled my caloric intake – while keeping the same treadmill-walking exercise regime I had always done – and that it ultimately took only the elimination of unhealthy starches and sugars to finally get the 30+ pounds and 5 dress sizes off 5 months later that inflicted me with stubborn drumstick arms, back fat, upper-inner-thigh rub, those loathsome tummy rolls, and kept me forever in one-piece swimsuits. After a trip to Century 21 in downtown Manhattan January 2002, I wore my first bikini ever on a cruise in Aruba. So emancipating that was to have finally found my ace in the hole through Atkins.

To read more about Sheila and her incredible weight loss journey click here.

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